Files required for PCBA

PCBA department needs some necessary files,to start working. Please send production files in the appropriate format. There are two options for sending production files to the PCBA department:

1. using the automatic system,
2. by e-mail to (please enter the order number in the subject line).

BOM (list of elements)

BOM is a list of elements used for the production of final products. It describes what elements are needed for PCB assembly, and where they should be placed and assembled. Acceptable formats: .xls, .xlsx, .csv, .txt. BOM should contain the following data:

• Quantity per part number,
• Reference designator,
• Part number,
• Part description,
• Package,
• Manufacturers name,
• Manufacturers part number,
• Distributors part number.

GERBER files - instructions of generating

• Eagle
• Protel 99 SE
• Protel 2004 / DXP
• KiCad

Pick & Place file

this is special file used for quick programming machines for assembly. Some CAD tools generate it automatically. Pick & Place file describes the location and orientation of all components laid on the PCB surface.

Other files

To make PCB assembly process properly, all other files and documents related to the assembly of components should be sent to the PCBA department. Files should include assembly drawings, special instructions, and even photos or3D models.