Electronic assembly capabilities

The assembly of electronic devices is one of the main areas of our activity.

With every day we make more and more services in the field of electronics production and we are constantly expanding our machine park. We specialize in prototype production and assembly of small, medium and large series.

Our most innovative devices for assembly of electronic components allow us to meet your needs in the shortest possible time. The following possibilities are only a standard that we offer, not limitations. If the project goes beyond our standards, please contact us at service@pcb.center - we will respond within 12 hours.


Item Assembly capabilities
Lead time The time of assembly depends on the production volume of the order and the level of project complexity. The standard assembly time is 5 business days.
Elements sourse Client's warehouse All elements / materials needed for production are delivered by the customer at lest one day before production start.
PCB.center's warehouse All elements / materials needed for production are provided by the PCB.center magazine.
Client's warehouse + PCB.center's warehouse The elements needed for production are delivered by the customer, which can be supplemented with the PCB.center magazine.
Assembly options We offer SMT and THT assembly. Both, one-sided and two-sided laying of elements on the PCB.
Soldering types We offer lead and lead-free soldering (RoHs compliant).
SMD Stencil We use stainless steel SMD stencil to ensure high reliability and accuracy with little holes with a small raster.
Minimal order No minimum order. Each client is treated in individual way.
Element size Passive elements: we accept elements as small as 01005, 0201, 0402.
BGA: possible BGA service with a height of 0.25 mm with the test.
Element packing We akcept elements on reels, cut tapes, tubes and trays.
PCB Size Min size: 50mm x 100mm (smaller PCB must be paneled).
Maximum size: 250mm x 500mm
PCB Shape We are able to assembly PCB of rectangular, round and irregular shapes. (For shapes other than rectangles each PCBs should be paneled).


 Test procedure

Before the production is finished, PCB is subjected to specific test procedures:

• Visual inspection: general quality control,
• AOI testing,
• ICT (internal test),
• Functional test (in accordance with test procedures).

Certificate and declarations

Electronic modules produced in PCB.center are certified by ISO9001 to meet the expectations of customers.

• ISO9001 certification
• IPC610-D Test specification
• Pass rate ≥99.5%
• Quality complaint rate ≤ 0.1%